Friday, April 24, 2020

There Be Cossacks Here!

Greetings, I hope everyone is staying safe and making the best of your time under house arrest. 

I finally finished what I thought was my last unit of Cossacks.  As luck would have it while digging through the lead pile hoping I had 2 left over Hungarian Knights laying around I could use to make up a full unit, I stumbled across another pack of Cossacks with Bows and Lances.  Huzzah!!  So there should be one more Cossack post.  The only down side with these are the torso and legs are separate so you have to glue them together (I hate gluing figures together).  Once the recently discovered Cossacks are painted I should be good for the new campaign although I guess it is possible given my troop rosters I could still need more Cossacks than I have painted, but unlikely. (yes, I realize I just passed on a bit of intelligence to the other players).

This round of painting production is a little more eclectic; as I dug deeper into the lead pile, back to around the 2008 layer of lead I think.  It kind of makes you feel like an archeologist as you dig down deeper and deeper into the lead pile like going through the various layers of your purchasing history – mumbling to yourself ‘why the hell did I buy this crap’.

But enough with the words, on with the pictures – hopefully Blogger will actually show them.
After looking at the photos, I think I need another coat of matt varnish on these, as I recall when I did the magic wash I used straight Future Floor Wax instead of thinning it with water like I normally do.

First up, the brave warriors of the Czar.  These are Old Glory figures, and consist of left over odds and ends from other packs.

I still can't get Cossacks to stay focused for photos.  I'm sure it isn't anything to do with my photo skills - LOL

For the first little skirmish I have planned for my parallel world solo campaign I needed another unit of formed archers.  These are Revenge Miniatures figures.  It's the first time I've used any of these figures.  The sculpts seemed a little 'slight' in stature and had a very annoying amount of flash on them.  They did have a nice assortment of poses and painted up easily.

And now we unveil the 2008 layer of the lead pile.  FOW WWII American Engineer Platoon.  As I was painting these I couldn't believe that prior to 2009 all of my Napoleonic figures were 15mm.  Damn, 15mm is small.  Especially when you desperately need an eye exam and new glasses and you can't get them because everything is closed.  I also uncovered a couple of packs of the American Armored Recon Platoon.  
I couldn't get decent photos, at least not with my camera.

Combat Engineer Platoon consisting of 2 squads and Put HQ

3 Bazooka Teams

2 Heavy Machine Guns

That's it for now.  Stay safe.

So much lead, so little time.


  1. MORE Cossacks?! Ack! :-)

    I forget whop made the "Revenge" figures,. which wwere made to accompany a rules set by the same name (which I have sopmewhere).

  2. There are even more on the way. Last night I found a bag of leftovers with enough figures for a second unit. Now I’m getting close to a proper horde, with two new units patiently awaiting their uniforms.