Sunday, March 6, 2016

Two post in the same year!

Wow, here it is March already and I'm up to two post for the year already.  I had a short burst of motivation and managed to paint up another Russian Line unit.  February was a rough month at work,  so hopefully now that we're into March I can get back with the painting program.  I'm also looking forward to the Lannes campaign with Peter (details here) which should help the painting motivation.

Enough with the words, on to the pictures.

All figures are Front Rank, the background is the "Sally Port" from The Miniatures Building Authority, Town Wall Series and the flags are from GMB.  Photo's were taken indoors with natural light.

1st and 3rd Battalion of the Simbriski Regiment

More of the same

And yet another view

Out of curiosity, are any of you Mac users having issues with Blogger when you try to upload photos?  The upload screen didn't want to fully load for some reason.

Hopefully, I'll have something semi-intelligent to post about next month.

So much lead, so little time.