Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

Wow, only one post last year???  I suck.  (It's been so long since I logged on I couldn't even remember my pass word).  I guess that's the down side to not having any real projects to work on.

Late November I finally had a little motivation, and started painting up a few odd ball units.  Since I don't have any projects ongoing, it gives me a chance to paint up some of the lead that's been laying around for several years.

The autofocus wasn't cooperating when I took these, so my apologies for the fuzzy look to some of the pictures.

First up, a command stand for my Prussian contingent.  Figures are from Perry.

Next, a French 6# battery.  My French troops have been in desperate need of more artillery for several years.  This now brings my French artillery to one 12# battery, one 6# battery, and one horse battery.
Figures are again from Perry.

And now for something completely different... Romans!  I have a small Roman contingent that never seems to get out of their boxes.  The below Onager is from Black Tree designs and was purchased about 5 years ago during one of their sales.  

And the same unit again, as seen from the defenders viewpoint.

And lastly, a unit of Roman Auxiliary Archers manning the walls, also from Black Tree Designs.
The walls are from The Miniature Building Authority.

And a better view.

And the best news; I've already equaled last years number of post!!

I hope everyone has a great new year with lots of gaming.

So much lead, so little time.