Saturday, August 28, 2010

August is almost over - where has all the painting gone?

Since I don’t seem to have anything eloquent to say, and I know anyone visiting the site would rather see photos anyway, below is a photo of the Moscow Opolchenie unit I finished this month. This month has been a rough month painting wise. I’ve lost two weekends to social/family commitments and been working on the weekends (I hate it when work interferes with something as important as gaming)

This unit varies from my normal basing which is four stands of four figures. Why? Well because the Front Rank figures are getting expensive, and other than for Borodino I don’t expect these to see a lot of table time. I also hope it will give them a little more ragged appearance on the table next to the four figures stands.

There’s an outside chance I’ll finish another Regiment of Russian Line Infantry (2 battalions) this weekend, but I’m not hopeful at this point. They only need their Shako cords, pompoms, and musket slings done. Then the obligatory clean up of the more egregious “oops” mistakes before they can get based.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Project process

Not much to post today, just a quick update on the painting progress for the 2012 project. July’s numbers were not exactly impressive; I completed 2 Russian line battalions, 1 Polish line battalion, and one French Horse Artillery Battery for a total of 48 Infantry figures and 6 Artillerist.
In August I really need to focus on completing more Russian Infantry so I can at least field a Division, then I need to find time to get in a game soon to keep the painting motivation going – of course gaming means no painting progress, what a cruel hobby this can be.