Saturday, November 6, 2010

Finally a new post

Since I'm haven't been very creative of late I thought I'd cross post some of the fluff from our fictional (Imagi-Nation if you will) Napoleonic’s campaign. The items can be found on the right hand side under Napoleonic Imagi-Nations. I’m ashamed to say, that what I’ve cross posted represents the best of my efforts.

Very briefly, our campaign came about after Historicon 2009. Our group, having painted a considerable amount of 28mm. Napoleonic’s for that effort needed an excuse to use them. And, at least in my case, it was additional motivation for the run up to Historicon 2012 (and all the Russian lead I need to paint), and the following Historicon 2013 where we (a.k.a. Peter A.) will be running Leipzig.

The campaign consists of 8 nations/players. As the group is a spin off of the Hofkriegsrats (HK-Rats), our continent is named Ratskania. We are a very punny group, and view the campaign with differing levels of seriousness.

The nations and my summary of them follows (Keep in mind they are rivals or potential rivals - so I could be biased). Ratlandia ruled by the Grand Formage, is on the southern coast, and run by the campaign GM. Their name sums it up, think Napoleonic Skaven. They were invaded on our first turn by their 2 neighbors, Benefice and Fartengas.

Fartengas is located on the southern coast, and as the name implies is well known for the aromatic activities. They formed an alliance with Benefice on the first campaign turn and have been rolling through Ratlandia ever since.

Bennefice is on the east coast. It is modeled on revolutionary France (right down to starving citizens due to chronic food shortages); it is ruled by First Citizen Rob S. Pierre. Benefice is situated on my southern border.

Vulgarandgarish is located on the West coast. It is ruled by King Gav I, and is well known for garish clothing and vulgar eating habits. It is located on my Western border.

S’Gottland is located on the West coast. It’s populated by red coated refugees from the ‘old world’. They, like my nation, are currently engaged in operations to defend their oppressed kinsmen from Gullderland oppression. S’Gottland is situated on my Western border.

Fuddland is located on the Eastern coast. This idyllic realm of peace and culture is ruled by the beloved and bumbling Elmer von Fudd (did I mention it’s my nation?). As you would guess from its name it is populated with cartoon characters. Fuddland is currently engaged in liberation operations against Gullderland necessitated by crimes against humanity (and ethnic Fuddlanders).
Additionally, the sacred soil of Fuddland was recently desecrated from a raid by Dahara fanatics.
Dahara is located on the West and North coast. It is ruled by a ‘prophet’ of some sort, spouting on about ‘light’. These religious fanatics seem set on expanding their ‘enlightenment’ at the point of a bayonet. They are (or at least were) at war with Gullderland, and have recently raided a fishing village of Fuddland.

Gullderland is the last our nations. It is on the East coast of the continent and on my Northern border. It’s had some change in rulers since we started the campaign and currently appears to be ruled by some sort of committee.

My apologies to any of my fellow players who I’ve misrepresented, but this is after all, the Fuddland view.