Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Russian's and Prussian's Oh My

Wow, it’s been a long time.  After taking about a year off I finally picked up a paint brush again.  It’s amazing how quickly I lost my limited painting skills.  In any event, below are the results of the last two and a half months.  I apologize up front for the quality of the pictures, (and the painting for that matter).  

My Russian Dragoons have become somewhat of a local joke.  While I was very pleased with the quality of the paint job on them, their tabletop performance left everything to be desired.  Those big Front Rank figures didn’t finish a single battle still on the table for the first year or year and half.  So, naturally, I decided to paint another unit.  You can really tell the effects of almost a year without touching a paint brush on these guys, not all that great of a paint job, hopefully that means they’ll kick ass on the table.

As always, click the photos to enlarge.

Siberian Dragoons, figures are Front Rank

Oops!  Looks like someone reversed the two command stands in the photo, flag barer should be next to the officer... My bad

And if you’re painting any Napoleonic Russian’s, you’re required to paint at least one artillery battery at the same time.  (Yes, it is an actual requirement, because Russian, and because Peter keeps on painting more $%&^ French Artillery)

I paint all of my Russian Artillery batteries as 3 stands to reflect the larger number of guns.  The above is a 'medium' battery denoted by only having 3 gunners per stand, a 12# heavy battery would have 4 gunners per stand.

To me, Prussians are a good ally to paint.  Depending on the year, they can be allied with the glorious, righteous forces of the Czar, or with the vile, despicable forces of Napoleon.

Blue?  Yep, a Prussian foot battery. 

Perry Figures, as I recall this is the pack with the gunners running back the gun.  A little blurry picture, but maybe that's a good thing.  Looks like the gun tubes need a touch of smoke in the muzzle before they get packed up. 

Peter talked me into painting 3 Prussian Line Infantry units for Historicon this year.  Clearly he was paying attention in his psych classes.  All the Prussian Infantry below are Calpe figures.  I really like their figures, they were fun to paint  (would have been more fun if I could paint better).  Price and figure size wise they're compatible with Front Rank.

First unit

Second unit

Third unit

And finally, Landwehr cavalry, almost Cossacks, but with much snappier uniforms.

I hope to see some of you later this week at Historicon.

So much lead, so little time.


  1. More Russian Dragoons.... snicker! :-)
    More Russian Artillery - please no! :-)

    The Calpe Prussians are treally nice. Do you use Magic Wash, Barry? I think an application of that would really bring out the sculpted details.

    You chose a Pomeranian unit for the Landwehr Cavalry - one of mine is as well, but in my case the unit that had grey Litewkas. Oh, and see that added the lance pennons after all - good show!

    "Children, do not allow the 'great nation' to rule over you again. Forward, in God's name!"

    - Blucher rallying his troops at Ligny

    1. Peter, any bets on how quickly the Dragoons rout off the table in their first battle?
      I use the Future floor wax and diluted grey paint for most of my washes.

  2. Tsar Barry, good to see the missing dragoons painted. As part of a full brigade, the Russian Dragoons will do much better. As to the Prussians, I better get some done before you and Peter do all the units. Nice to see the Calpe figures.

    1. Not to worry Joe, I'm only doing one Division. (I know, famous last words)

  3. Beautiful troops, love the Siberian Dragoons...