Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

Wow, only one post last year???  I suck.  (It's been so long since I logged on I couldn't even remember my pass word).  I guess that's the down side to not having any real projects to work on.

Late November I finally had a little motivation, and started painting up a few odd ball units.  Since I don't have any projects ongoing, it gives me a chance to paint up some of the lead that's been laying around for several years.

The autofocus wasn't cooperating when I took these, so my apologies for the fuzzy look to some of the pictures.

First up, a command stand for my Prussian contingent.  Figures are from Perry.

Next, a French 6# battery.  My French troops have been in desperate need of more artillery for several years.  This now brings my French artillery to one 12# battery, one 6# battery, and one horse battery.
Figures are again from Perry.

And now for something completely different... Romans!  I have a small Roman contingent that never seems to get out of their boxes.  The below Onager is from Black Tree designs and was purchased about 5 years ago during one of their sales.  

And the same unit again, as seen from the defenders viewpoint.

And lastly, a unit of Roman Auxiliary Archers manning the walls, also from Black Tree Designs.
The walls are from The Miniature Building Authority.

And a better view.

And the best news; I've already equaled last years number of post!!

I hope everyone has a great new year with lots of gaming.

So much lead, so little time.


  1. Maybe we both post more. So far, you are ahead!

    1. Joe, you had a good run of post last year, I'm sure you will this year too

  2. I love the walls, and the Imperial Romans look good. More French Artillery is welcomed by the sans culotes. Have you tried using "Magic Wash" at all? May be worth experimenting with.

    Your Imperial Romans would work well in To The Strongest (or Archon, or Pulse of Battle) They would be suitable opponents for the Palmyrans or Sassanids, among others.

    More privately...

    1. Thanks Peter, the MBA walls are nice, especially if you can catch them on sale at one of the conventions.

  3. Figures look great Barry, you post-a-holic, you!!