Sunday, August 24, 2014


On August 24th, 410 A.D. Rome was overrun by the Visigoths, resulting in the fall of the Western Roman Empire.  Just how much did the  political corruption and the apathy of her citizens really lead to the Rome's fall?

But… on a much lighter note - I painted something!

Not my best work, (either painting or photo) but at least it had me picking up a brush again.  First up, the latest addition to the French Cavalry.

The 7th Regiment, Chasseurs a cheval

Looks Like I need to replace my photo backstop

With the completion of this unit it brings my French Cavalry to one Dragoon Regiment and three Chasseur a Cheval Regiments.  The 2 Chasseur a Cheval Regiments were part of my original goal for this year.  I still need to complete one more Duchy of Warsaw Uhlan Regiment, but… I seem to have gotten distracted and started another Russian Dragoon Regiment.  We'll see what happens by the end of  the year.

And the last bit of painting.

Looks like I need to touch up a little where the epoxy is showing by the wheels.

I picked this up at Cold Wars 2012, and finally found the motivation to paint it.  This angle seems to make the horse look undersized compared to the wagon, but it doesn't look that bad in the lead/resin.

Hopefully the next post won't be as long a wait as this one was.

So much lead, so little time.


  1. Wow, THREE regiments of French Chasseurs... and I have only four myself, not including and of the ones with Rose (pink) facings like the 7th here. Sash and Saber, right?

    Adding another unit of Russian Dragoons... a glutton for punishment, perhaps? :-)

    Is the wagon from the Blue Moon range? I picked up four of those at HCon, with the Klagenfurt 1809 scenario in mind, as well as others.

  2. Nice work Barry! I am inspired, and need to finish a few figures before I can post.

    1. Thanks Joe. I’ve had a real motivation crisis when it comes to painting. I blame my recent job function change at work last month. Hopefully this will get me back on a semi-regular painting schedule.

  3. Thanks Peter, you are correct Sash and Saber. I have "high hopes" the next Russian Dragoon Regiment will fare better on the battle field. (If not, I'll order more dismounted Dragoon troops). As I recall the wagon is from Blue Moon, I think the original intent was to use if for the Borodino scenario but due to my erratic painting ways we ended up using one of your wagons if memory serves correctly

  4. Nice work on the chasseurs, love the wagon too!