Monday, March 9, 2020

More Cossacks

Wow, two post in one month.  I must be ill or something.  I just have a quick post with a few pictures today (I don’t want to get carried away with this posting like a real blogger or something).  Crazy busy at work this month, hopefully next month I can get back to working on my long neglected Otherwhere Renaissance-ish Campaign.  I really need to finish that map.

As mentioned earlier in reviewing my unit rosters for our local Theater of War campaign I realized that I was woefully short of Cossacks.  So, into the lead pile I dove, and came up with another shinny bag of lead that has begging for paint for probably years,  

These are Old Glory Cossacks, with Firearms.  I figure these should work from basically the Renaissance to at least the Napoleonic period.  Being surly uncooperative Cossack types, they refused to stay in focus.  Figures.

And lastly, for something completely different a unit of formed Transylvanian Hand gunners to supplement my Hungarian Renaissance forces.  

I think the Cossack's attitude may have rubbed off on them, they don't seem to want to stay in focus either.

Hopefully the next post will be more in-depth and less rushed.

So much lead, so little time.


  1. Good looking even though they are moving so fast the camera could not catch them. Great work.

  2. Thank you. Two more Cossack units to go.

  3. Dat's a lotta Cossacks, Cazr Barry!

    Love the Transylvanians, too!

  4. Thank you Phil. There are still more waiting to be primed.