Sunday, August 18, 2019

Building a World is Hard Work

Details, Details, Details, sheesh, this is like work or something.

It’s been a while. Work on the Imagination map has stalled due to real life issues.  

But first a digression. This weekend reminded me that time has a way of changing traditions.  Last Friday was the local Fireman’s Parade and Fair, and for the first time in 18 years we didn’t host a party.  The Czarina’s relatives came to visit us at the new Summer Palace, and the Parade/Fair happen at the Winter Palace.  I still was able to toil away on the grill, but instead of listening to fire engine sirens, I was listening to Turkey’s gobble in the valley.  Such is the price one must pay when one is the Czar.  (And I greatly prefer the 70 degree temperatures up north over the 90 degree temperature that greeted me this afternoon when I returned to CT).  

While work on the map has stalled, I started to think maybe I was getting the cart before the ox, so to speak.  While I had a vague idea of the type of Imaginations that would populate my world, or parallel world, or maybe Paratime world if you will, I hadn’t really fleshed them out.  

So while I was working the grill the other day I organized my thoughts, and below are the current ‘known’ Realms in the ‘world to be named at a latter date.’ Not very original, I know.  But it’s a start, and as always, subject to change.

The Great  Kingdom of Hos
Hos is one of the oldest Realms in the known world. Hos is ruled by the strange Lord Calvin.  Little is known of his background, other than ‘he’s not from around here’.  His speech, mannerisms, intellect and way of fighting clearly set him apart from the other rulers.
Lord Calvin has embraced the use of gunpowder weapons more so than any other ruler.  He can often be heard lecturing about how the future of warfare lies in gunpowder.
He is also a scholarly man, and early in his rein instituted a series of stone road construction projects, which gives Hos the best road network outside of the Molybdenum Empire on the southern coast of the continent.

Ehdan, one of the Northern most realms in the known world is ruled by Prince Talon.   When the Ehdan go to war, Prince Talon can always be found in the van of the army, with this massive 3 bladed sword making him easily identifiable.  The Ehdan’s are considered Barbarians and little better than animals by some, a view that is probably brought about by their disdain for heavy armor, their continued use of Chariots on the battle field, and their belief that ancient Sorcerer’s can be raised from the dead and used to influence battles by those with dark intentions.  
However, those who have fought or traded with the Ehdan’s know them to be both shrewd warriors and master negotiators.  

The Molybdenum Empire
The Molybdenum Empire could best be described as a fallen empire.  It is barely able to compete with the surrounding Fiefdoms. Molybdenum is currently ruled by the Dictator for Life,  Sirius Smackdownum.  Sirius has grand plans of being able to restore the glory of the Molybdenum Empire, at the expense of his neighbors of course.  He arrived at his current lofty position the old fashioned way, through military prowess advancing through the ranks combined with a good deal of assassination thrown in.  As such he is somewhat paranoid and absolutely ruthless.  
The Molybdenum Empire favors formations of dense heavy shock infantry, equipped with massive shields.

The Realm
The Realm, not exactly an original name for one’s Earldom, but it is home to Earl D’Greer.  Exactly which noble bestowed the title of Earl upon him is still a mystery, most think he purchased the title via an Alchemist running a buy your nobility scam. 
Rumors, at least those spread by the Earl, hold that he was a mighty warrior in his youth, which is hard to believe since today he could barely sit astride a horse, and the poor beast would surely have a sway back for the rest of it’s miserable life. Plus, it’s difficult to lead a charge when you have a Mead Mug constantly filling one of your hands. The Earl is as creative in his war fighting skills as he was in naming his realm. His preferred tactic is to send waves of cavalry and lightly armored Halberdiers at his opponent, headless of the loss of men and horses.  He despises firearms and cannon, seeing them as far to expensive to use.  
Aside from jokes about their corpulent ruler, the Realm is best known for their Cheese products, with their  ‘Moon Cheese’ being in wide demand especially among the superstitious Ehdan’s.

The Middle Kingdom
The Middle Kingdom lies in the middle of the known world (as you would expect).   The Middle Kingdom is ruled by Count Guilleme.  As with Earl D’Greer no knows who bestowed the title of Count on Guilleme.  The most commonly accepted theory is that the Count also purchased his title via an Alchemist running a buy your nobility scam. This has some credibility, as the Count and Earl have been life long enemies – each proclaiming the other to be a pretender to their title.  
Several years ago the Count lost an eye during a skirmish with forces of the Realm, and has pledge to see the Realm defeated and the Earl in chains before him.  The Middle Kingdom fields a mixed fighting force, and has recently embraced gunpowder weapons for their Skirmish troops.

So there's the rough outline of the Imaginations for now. 

Now I need to get back to working on the map.  And I promise, there will be photos in the next post.
So much lead, so little time.

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