Saturday, January 28, 2012

Obligatory (and late) 2012 Planning Post

As is the normal convention with wargaming blogs, it’s time for my “what I plan to do” post. It’s doubtful I stay focused throughout the year to finish these, but it never hurts to have plan.

My main focus remains fixed on Historicon 2012. Our (mostly Connecticut) group will be running a large Borodino game with somewhere around 4,000 28mm figures. We still need to finalize the 2 additional games from the invasion of Russia that we plan on running.

After Historicon there will be more Russians to paint as we start planning for the War of Liberation battles Peter is planning to run for Historicon 2013. I’m sure I’ll need to paint at least a Brigade of Prussian’s for that as well. Plus I’ll need to continue building my French forces which are currently vary lacking in Cavalry. And my Russian’s can always use more artillery. And there will still be a few units I need to paint after Borodino to complete the 2nd Army of the West.

The Hartford Area Historical Gaming Society is talking about running an Italian Wars Renaissance campaign which I hope to be able to participate in. My current Renaissance army is modeled on the Hungarian army that held the hordes of Islam at bay for a couple of centuries. Most of the figures will fit in well in Italy so I have a good start on that. I have a small lead pile of Crusader miniatures Pikemen and Knights that I bought a couple of years ago when Warweb was running a great deal on them. Hopefully, if this moves past the talking stage my participation in this campaign should motivate me to start painting this lead pile.

I also plan on starting a solo fantasy campaign using Piquet’s Hostile Realms rules. Don’t get turned off by the word fantasy, I envision this being something along the lines of Tony Bath’s Hyboria world, but on a much smaller scale. My goal is to be able to use all of my ‘non modern’ armies; Imperial Romans, Picts, Barbarians, and Renaissance.

Space / Science Fiction
On the back burner I’d still like to do a Science Fiction project. I blame Jack Campbell and his “The Lost Fleet” series of books. This series is what reenergized my science fiction ‘bug’. If you like gritty, space combat I strongly recommend you read the first book in the series. They start to get a little predictable around book 4, but I really enjoyed them.

At this point I envision this project including both space combat and ground combat (15mm?) as well. Ground combat would probably be 15mm as there are some great new 15mm Science Fiction figures out there. Of course if I go with 25mm I could use my 40K Imperial Guard figures. The space ships will be from a variety of different lines.

I have some ideas kicking around in my head for the background on this. And I’ve started working on the campaign rules, “borrowing” ideas from several different systems. I still need to decide on a rule set for this before I can really move forward, for the space combat I’m leaning towards Full Thrust. For the ground combat I’ve looked at Future War Commander and few others but haven’t really found one that gives me the feel I’m looking for.

A couple of months ago I started mapping out the universe and suddenly realized I had created something that looked very similar to the Battle Tech universe so I had to start over. While I enjoyed the original (1980’s?) Battle Tech background, the space combat doesn’t fit what I envision and the giant ‘mechs’ don’t fit my view of future combat. I really need to devote some serious thought to how I want to approach this and get my final ideas down on paper.

Then of course there’s Space 1889 (using the original back ground material). And I still have all that Sash and Saber 40mm American Revolution lead that I bought 4 or so years ago and never could get motivated to paint.

But in all reality I’ll probably end up focusing my limited time on a project I haven’t even considered yet.

I promise the next post will have photos.

So much lead, so little time.


  1. SCi Fi really! Ships and fighters and power armor and Bugs, Mr. Ricco, Bugs!

    Oh My!

    You are right, of course, too little time.

  2. Sci-Fi... you have noticed my last two blog posts, haven't you? :-) I trust you have read the Honor Harrington series as well? If not, I have them all. I have Full Thrust, and there are adaptations on line for the Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights ships, plus I'm considering buying the GK rules to see how they are.

    Italian Wars... always up for that!

    "Fantasy"/HR - ditto

    AMR - if you ever get this off the ground, I'm willing to pitch in.

    Napoleonics - need I comment, LOL, aside from to say that we have to sit down some day soon and finalize plans for those other two games. While on Vcation in April I'll think about the 1813 plans!