Monday, August 22, 2011

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming…

Now that I’ve gotten that last post out of my system (for now), it’s time to get back to some proper Napoleonic topics
Due to various commitments, I haven’t had a chance to paint much the last couple of weekends; however, I did manage to find time to complete a pack of Old Glory Russian Command figures and the Foundry Early Russian High Command stand. The Old Glory figures are mounted one to stand and will end up being Division Commanders. 

Now that I look at these again it appears the camera wasn't overly kind.  I'll need to do some touch up before these get on the table.

Part of the Foundry Early High Command Pack.

Next up on the painting table is the Czar (Emperor) Cuirassier Regiment.
Hopefully the next post will have a little more meat to it.

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  1. They look fine; that close up all but the most collector level painting will look a bit rough! I especially like the Command group at the table. Kinda like Kutusov's Council of War at Austerlitz... :-)