Monday, July 5, 2010

Time to take the plunge

While I consider myself a historical gamer, I guess it’s time I joined the modern era and tried one of these blog thingy do-hickeys. Hopefully this will keep me focused and help me work through the occasional painting block.

Periods that will be covered are primarily Napoleonic, Renaissance, World War II, maybe eventually some American Revolution (I’ve got to either start painting the pile of 40mm figures or sell them, I’ve been tripping over them for 2+ years now), Ancients and maybe some Victorian Science Fiction (I know, it isn’t historical – but the back ground is cool). From time to time I may include some snippets from the Imagi-Nation Napoleonic campaign being played by an eclectic group of us comprising wargamers from Australia to the U.K. I’m sure there will be other eras covered as well given that I have the attention span of a gold fish with ADD.

Stop back, I promise the posts will get better.

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