Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Projects in the works

Part of the reason for creating this blog was to help keep me focused on painting troops for the Hofkriegsrats 2012 Borodino project. When I first started toying with the Borodino madness the plan was to use 15mm figures. I already had a ton of 15mm Russians and they’re cheap and paint quickly. Unfortunately all the other Hofriegsrats have 25mm figures, so I’m in the process of starting a 25mm Russian army. My portion of the required troops is fairly small. Unfortunately, I’m not a very fast painter (I’m not exactly a good painter either). I’ve made a good start on the Cavalry and a modest start on the Infantry. I have 2 years left to complete the remaining 544 Infantry figures and 80 Cavalry figures.

Of course, the 2012 project isn’t the only one on the radar screen. There is our ongoing “fictional” (think Imagi-nations) Napoleonic campaign. I still need to get around to painting my late war Flames of War American Cavalry Recon Troop. Then I’ve got about 70 Renaissance armored Pikemen I need to get to. Plus I’m being pulled (well, maybe I’m willingly embracing it) into the Victorian world of Space 1889 so I’ll need to paint up a bunch of those figures. And then there’s the 40mm American Revolutionary War project that had a false start a couple of years ago and has languished since then (I still trip over the pile of 40mm lead every now and then). I still need to add a couple of Chariots to my Picts and a few more Roman’s as well.

And finally, sometime around 1983 I acquired a copy of the June 1980 Wargamer Digest which had an article about an “alternative history” World War II campaign. Ever since then about every 4 months I get the urge to start an Imagi-nation World War II campaign… maybe someday.

I think I’ve just depressed myself. Time to stop writing and start painting.

The Hofkriegsrats are a group of (primarily) Connecticut based mental cases that formed for Historicon 2009. For Historicon 2009 we ran 6 1809 games, culminating in a massive Wagram game on a table over 36 feet in length (kind of “z” shaped) and comprising roughly 2,800 25/28mm figures. Hopefully by 2012 we will have all recovered from that adventure enough to run 3 or 4 1812 games, featuring the Borodino blood bath. Plans are also underway for us to run a massive Leipzig game at Historicon 2013. Clearly this behavior confirms the long held belief in the hobby that all Napoleonic gamers are megalomaniacs.

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