Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chicks with Guns

But first now that I have you attention...

Below are the latest results from my meager painting production so far this year.

First up, a much need addition to my French Cavalry forces.

Don't worry, the chicks with guns are below, you'll see them soon

I've also beefed up my Renaissance force a bit.  The light artillery battery had the privilege to be routed off the table mere minutes after been placed on it by Joe's Ottoman's a couple of weeks ago.

I've also continued to slowly build up my Space forces.

O.K., you've been patient, first the kid friendly version

And for the PG 13 version.  
And I bet you you didn't expect to see any real chicks in the post...

So much lead, so little time


  1. Barry,

    How did you get the highlights on the red bodice?


  2. The Chasseurs a Cheval look good - sash and Saber, I think? I lioke the blue faced regiment (have it myself, IIRC the 16e), even if there was only one unit of them (the other 2 light blue faced units, the 17e and 18e, again, IIRC, were disbanded by the Republic for "acts of indiscipline" and never re raised).

    More guys with pointy sticks are always good, as is artillery, even if the "more for show" kind. Your troops look like they'd be at home facing the Hussites...

    The fighters look like some of the Galactic Knights/Superior Starfleet Wars Terrans, I think. I just got a bunch more Terran and Entomalian ships to add to my fleets - just have to paint them soon!

    1. The fighters are actually BSG Vipers. And you are correct, the Chasseur a Cheval are Sash and Saber. I have one more unit of them primed, I just need to find time to slap some paint on them.