Sunday, September 30, 2012

Still Painting

Well it has been a while since the last post.  I’m still slowly painting away.  However, my painting time is limited, I’m catching up on all of the things the Czarina allowed me to slide on earlier in the year while I was frantically working on finishing up the troops for Borodino. 

Completed work so far is minimal, with much in progress, including 2 battalions of Russian Guard Jagers.  Clearly, I need a hard deadline to force me to focus my efforts.  This is the the height of the 'crazy time' at work for me, so until the end of October I don't expect to get much completed.  

Sorry about the photo quality below.

Another Russian Commander, finally completed
Looks like the boot may need a little touch up 

These poor Landsknecht were finished about a year ago, and have been patiently waiting to be based while I was on the Napoleonic craze.  I’d like to think (hope) my painting style has improved since these were complete. 

Hopefully, I’ll get back to somewhat more consistent postings.

Take care,

So much lead, so little time.


  1. Nice to see you painting gain. The landesknechts look like fun. Are you invading with them?

    1. They were originally intended to beef up my woefully under strength Hungarian infantry. They will also work in the hostile realms campaign I want to run (I've only been 'planning' it for over 2 years now, at some point I may actually do some work on it).

      Of course they'd probably work as an honor guard for the Lady Bouncee Boobies in our Napoleonic imagination campaign. Such a plentiful… asset… err national treasure must be protected.

  2. We'll have to talk about this HR campaign thingie - maybe over dinner this weekend when the gals aren't paying attention! :-)

    Just started priming the 4 units of Front Rank Young Guard I goy bought about 3 years ago, while working on som Entomalian SD's, SDL's, and SC's.