Sunday, July 29, 2012

HISTORICON 2012 (part 1)

Whew!  Historicon has been over for a week and still I haven’t recovered.

The drive down to Fredericksburg Wednesday morning went well, although I did get stuck in some truck traffic that slowed things down.  I arrived at the Best Western and tried to check in at 2:00 only to be told I had to wait until 3:00.  I arrived back at 3:00 and they still weren’t ready – apparently they hadn’t received their linen back yet so I headed out to find some place to eat (what I really wanted to do was take a nap).  Sometime after 4:00 the laundry finally arrived.  The room was o.k., given what it was.  Heck, as cheap as the room cost was (before all the damn taxes and fees that is) I was a little afraid they had quoted me the hourly rate and not the daily rate.  Later on I went and picked up my registration badge, and then went out to dinner to Peter, Joe, and Dr. Tim.

Thursday morning I played in a Hostile Realm game run by Dave M. of  ‘The Southern Coven of the California Piquet Kult’.   Dave and Gabriel commanded the Orcs while Michelle (Gabriel’s better half) and I commanded some wimpy Elf’s.  Our brilliant plan of allowing the Orcs to close into optimal bow range should have worked, should have.  As it was my shooting was pathetic (at least until I lured the Orcs into point blank range, but by then it was too little to late).  The high light of the game was Gabriel’s Orcs steam rolling over Michelle’s Sorceress and Unicorn, punctuated by Gabriel’s shout of “Unicorn Burgers tonight!”  Fortunately it was at about this point, with all of the Elf leaders dead and half of my command routing that I was thankfully called away to help set up the table for Peter’s First Poltosk  game. 

A view of Dave's Hostile Realms game.  Those are Dave's Orcs in the center right vs. the hapless Elves of my command on the left.  At the top of the photo you can see Michelle's Cavalry command.  If I recall correctly the figures were provided by Eric B.

Here's a shot from the other flank a little later in the battle with a better view of Michelle's command.  You can just make out the white Unicorn next to the lead unit of Cavalry.  In the distance you can see that Dave has closed to melee range and it's about to be crunch time for the pointy eared Elf defenders.  It was shortly after this that I had to leave the game and go help set up Peter's game.

Speaking of Peter's First Poltosk game, here's a shot of the game set up.  The hordes of French reservers are out of frame to the left behind the stream.

Not the best photo I've taken, but it gives you a little different perspective of the battle, looking from the Russian side towards the French masses.

Another view of the battle field looking towards the monastery.

The Russian right flank moves out to meet the invader

The action heats up around the monastery

More fighting around the monastery and center

This is from the French left flank.  On the right you can see that Hugh has gotten his Cossacks on the flank of his son Zach's French.  I always enjoy seeing a father/son combination at conventions, and find it interesting that they almost always choose to be on opposite sides.  This battle was to be a long night for Zach, but he more that got even the following night at Borodino. 

The French right flank (top of the picture) has pushed the Russian left back while the action in the center heats up

Ultimately the French players ran out of Morale points, resulting in a Russian victory.  For a much more detailed report surf on over to Peter's Blunders on Danube  site.

Next up, Part 2 with a little action called Borodino.


  1. I really enjoyed running the Poltosk game...made it worth bringing the Bavarians to do it!

  2. And they looked so good on the table too.

  3. Barry! Yet another fabulous game you guys put together. This is of truly of epic proportions. I can't believe you painted that many figures. But you did it!! Very good. This is an excellent show. Thanks for the great report and photos. I will be going to Fall-In in November. Not sure which ones to frequent next year, though. Too early to tell.
    I am sure you guys are already planning what to do for 2013, lol. Love it!

    1. Thanks Thomas. I hope you have a great time a Fall in. Work wise I can't normally make Fall-in, but I typically get to Cold Wars and Historicon.