Sunday, June 10, 2012

Polish Uhlans Finished

Just a quick post and photo update.  Below is the 'finally' competed Polish Uhlan Regiment, which is the last of the Cavalry units that I have to complete for Historicon.  I may end up doing another Cossack Rgt, time permitting, if not, my Hungarian's make a good stand in.

Sorry about the photo quality and all the clutter in the background.

In addition to the above I've also finished 2 additional Infantry Battalions of the Duchy of Warsaw, leaving me with just one Polish unit left to paint.  Then it's back to Russian Commanders and a Battery or two of 6 pounders.  Next weekend I start boxing everything up by unit, to make sure I haven't overlooked anything.  As of now, I'm feeling like I should have everything done that needs done.

As of now the only thing I'm aware that we are short of for Borodino is one unit of Opolochenie.  At this point, we'll probably just reduce the OB by one unit, I seriously doubt that one unit of crappy infantry will make or break the game.

So much lead, so little time.


  1. Poles are looking good, Barry! Made good progress on my remaining Russian Artillery, Guard Jagers, and some French Artillery. I really need to figure out *exactly* what I need to finish as we come down to the wire!

  2. You fellas are doing a sterling effort with planning for the big game. It is a sizeable job to get everything ready isn't it? I am pleased that we have another couple of months. The count-down is on for you though; only 28 more sleeps, give or take with time zone differences!