Sunday, May 20, 2012

Still Painting

I'm still painting away.  With the date of Historicon getting closer and closer and the amount of unpainted lead I have piled up I'm starting to get a little nervous.  Hopefully, the quality of painting on the remaining units won't suffer as I rush to complete the remaining units.

Prince Charles of Mecklenburg, Commander of the Russian 2nd Grenadier Division.  Figures are Front Rank.

General de Division Kniaziewicz, Commander of the Duchy of Warsaw 18th Division.  Figure is Old Glory.

1st and 3rd Battalions of the Moscow Militia.  Based on the reflection I guess they must be standing near a lake.  Figures are Front Rank and flags by GMB.

Akhtyrsk Hussars.  I'm painting both 'battalions' of the Hussar and Uhlan Regiments to reflect their being double the size of a standard Regiment.  I've also done the front rank figures armed with lances which some sources indicate were used.  I'm not overly happy with how these turned out, but at least they are done.  Figures are by Front Rank.

Until next time.

Some much lead, so little time.


  1. Looking good, Barry! Deep PAINT!

  2. Barry,

    They look good, don't be so fussy.

    Joe ;-)

  3. I agree; still working on my 24 Russian generals, then on to some more Jagers and artillery, then I'm done.

  4. Certainly no loss of quality on those units Barry, they look great!