Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Back to Painting

Well, now that I've gotten that Science Fiction urge out of my system, back to a right, proper, Napoleonic painting update.  I've managed to get a few more units painted which are shown below (my apologies for the picture quality).  Not shown but finished (except for the flags) are the last 2 Grenadier battalions I need for Historicon.

I'm also about half way through my two Hussar units (actually only 1 unit, I'm building them double sized like the actual Russian Hussar and Uhlan Regiments).  The Hussars are really kicking my butt, I had hoped to have them finished last weekend, but I'm not not sure I'll be able to get them done this weekend.

But, enough with the words on with the photos.  All Russian figures are Front Rank, all flags are from GMB.  The Duchy of Warsaw figures are Old Glory.

1st Battalion Alexopol Infantry

Another view of the 1st Battalion Alexopol Infantry

1st Battalion Alexopol Infantry deploy inside Smolensk

3rd Battalion Alexopol Infantry

3rd Battalion Alexopol Infantry march into Smolensk

General Kniaziewicz, Commander 18th Division of Prince Poniatowski's Fifth Corps

A Random Battalion of the Duchy of Warsaw 
I'm not very happy with this paint job, but it's one less that needs to be painted


  1. Good work, coming into the home stretch. I have the Portuguese Legion, Provisional Croats, and Neufchatel Bn on the painting table and they're taking me forever to get done; too many different uniforms at one time. After that, nothing but Russian Green to the finish line! Then I can start to plan for Dresden in 2013...

  2. Both of you have been busy! I have the last two battalions of OG foot, which will be Jagers in greatcoats, to finish for HCon. Less than 100 days (no pressure, Barry)!