Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 Production Totals

It’s a little late but it’s time for the obligatory year in review. As I stated in my first post this Blog was originally started to keep me motivated and provide a way to track my painting progress for our 2012 Historicon project. So, here we go.

2010 was a fairly good year painting wise for me, given that I’m a very slow painter and my painting time is limited to a couple of hours each weekend. In 2010 I managed to complete 252 Infantry figures, 40 Cavalry figures and 27 Gunners (all Front Rank Napoleolnics). All of these were Russian with the exception of 1 French Horse Battery (6 gunners) and 1 Duchy of Warsaw line unit (16 figures). I must admit to being pleased with my ability to stay focused on Napoleonics. I also painted a couple of dozen chickens (to be used for out-of-command markers) and a Guillotine.

In the non-historical arena I also painted a couple of Klingon Warships from the 1980’s I found lurking at the bottom of a lead pile. I blame the excellent “The Lost Fleet” series by Jack Campbell (a.k.a. John G. Hemry) for re-igniting my space combat bug.

But enough of words, eye candy is what everyone wants.  All Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery figures are Front Rank.  The Guillotine is from Black Tree Designs, and the Klingon figures are Amarillo Design Bureau.

As always, click on the below photos to see larger versions.

First up the 12th and 13th Brigade (Dragoons) of Generalmajor Sievers 4th Cavalry Corps. Looks like I need to get around to adding the last two flags to truly finish this up

Next up is the Lithuanian Uhlan Regiment.  I'm building my Uhlan and Hussar Regiments at double strenght (8 stands) to reflect the larger orginzation of these units in Russian service.

Below is Brigade Tuchkov III, of the 3rd Division

Brigade Voeikov of the 3rd Division.  I need to replace the flags of the Seleguinsk Regiment - the 2 units on the right, I had a small issue that caused the white fuzzy look on them

And to finish out the 3rd Division, the Jagers of Brigade Chakoffsk

A Horse Battery

A Heavy Foot Battery - I use the local convention of 4 figures to a stand for Heavy artillery

Close up of some Moscow Opolochenie. Unfortunately the enlarged photos show all the painting errors.

And some Klingon's.  Even my non-Russian painting ended up being green.


  1. Looking good!!!

    I really need to do some painting. I finally dug my paints and minis out from under the rubble.

    Love the national razor - where'd you get it?

  2. I picked that little item up from Black Tree Design, USA during one of their Sales. I’ve picked up a couple of good deals from them especially on their Roman range, but their service can be frustratingly inconsistent from order to order.

  3. Good looking troops, Barry, especially having seen them "in the flesh". Not a bad year production wise, especially with all the cavalry!

  4. Goodness, I must get caught up! I have established a blog (Fish Tales) and will show my new Russkies shortly!

  5. What size of bases do you use for your 4 figure infantry stands?

  6. The Infantry bases are 1 1/2" wide and 2" deep. Depending on the pose, the Front Rank figures are still pretty close even with this basing.