Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Proper Painting

 Not much progress along the hobby lines of late, but with the season starting to change, that should change as well.  I have managed to complete one ‘proper’ war gaming unit.  

The Isoum (or Izyum, or any number of different spellings) Hussars are now ready to take to the field for the glory of the Czar.  I don't think the photographs do them justice, but here they are.


I haven’t decided what the next painting project will be, although the Super Secret-Squirrel Project X has been taking what little time I have available of late.  I really want to get the background of that finished (actually dusted off and updated) soon.


So much lead, so little time 


  1. Isoum here, Isoum there, they look good most anywhere! Great brush work, a fine new cavalry unit to awe the neighboring states.

  2. LOL. Thank you. It felt ‘good’ to paint a real unit for a change.

  3. They look super, Barry. Nice work on the wolves teeth on the shabraques!

  4. Thank you. They were actually rather fun to paint.

  5. 'Proper' and d@mned good. Lovely hussars Barry.
    Regards, James