Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Kids Today

Warning - Waaay off topic.

If you're close to my age, and especially if you grew up in the U.S. and in particular the rural Great Plains, this time of year always brought anticipation.  It was around now that the Sears and JC Penney Christmas Catalog, with pages and pages of wonderful toys to look at and dream about would arrive.

Well, both Sears and JC Penney are all but gone now.  And it's probably been close to 20 years or more since they sent out those massive 400+ page Christmas Catalogs.

But, there are still some companies that send out Christmas Catalogs.  I just recently received this years Cabela's catalog, and while I was  looking through it, I did thumb through the kids section.  And what caught my eye in the kids section?

A Spit Ball gun????  Fill a container with water, attach a roll of toilet paper, and shoot spitballs up to 30 feet.  

When I was a kid we had to make our spitballs the old fashioned way!  With real spit, and whatever paper we could find. If we were lucky we had a straw to shoot them through, if not, we had to throw them.  Kid's these days, they clearly don't know what it was like to rough it.  (does this mean I'm turning into one of those "get off my lawn you damn kids" old farts?)

I guess it's nice to know we can still devote resources to this type of stuff with everything going on in the world.

And for the Pictures or it didn't happen crowd, here's a shot of page 76 of the BassPro/Cabela's catalog.

It does look pretty cool.  Good job to whoever designed it.

Something for those of you with grandkids to consider. Especially if you enjoy winding them up and then giving them back to their parents.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Eurica Campaign Update


While it may seem like it’s been forever since the last battle, in game terms 46 days have passed since the cease fire was declared ending the One Day War.  In that time both the Soviets and the American’s have been resupplying their proxies in the region.


In addition to receiving replacement vehicles for those lost in combat, Wilhelmsland has benefited from the ongoing replacement of the American M113’s with Bradley IFV in Europe, and recently received a shipment of 2 battalions worth of worn out, but functional M113’s allowing them to replace the last of the M3 ½ Tracks in service with their active units.  They have also received some much appreciated self-propelled 4.2” mortars, M113’s with TOWs  and Vulcan anti-aircraft vehicles.  They’ve also received some less than appreciated odd ball equipment like the M-56 Scorpion self-propelled anit-tank guns and a reinforced company of M551 Sheridan’s.   


Most importantly the last 46 days have allowed Wilhelmsland to complete the call up of their Reserve units. After the shock of the Rubishland invasion they have activated some old equipment that last saw service in the defense of Wilhelmsland during the 1954 Gardenstan invasion.  Most of the Reserve units and a considerable portion of the recently received new equipment has been deployed with the 4th Brigade, which is now the only unit stationed on the border with Gardenstan. 4th Brigade has reorganized into several Combat Teams of mixed forces to try to optimize their effectiveness.   The 1st and 3rd Brigade along with the battered 2nd Brigade, which continues to replace lost personnel, are stationed on or near the Rubishland border as the Wilhelmsland leadership expects President for Life Sanford to break the cease fire at any moment.  Whether Big Daddy Fish will take this opportunity to launch another ‘navigational error’ into Wilhelmsland from Gardenstan remains to be seen.  


Rubishland has received several ship loads of T-72’s, T-55’s and BMP’s to replace their losses from their failed invasion.  Additionally, they have received enough equipment for another Tank Regiment, some air defense assets and counter battery radar.  


Gardenstan has also received replacements for their losses during the Marshland incident as well as some additional air defense and artillery assets.  And maybe a few other surprises?


The table is mostly laid out, there are still a few units that need painted.  I’m going to give the ‘night fighting’ rules a try, so we’ll see how that goes.   Hopefully real life will allow me to play it out and write it up before the end of the month – but you know no plan survives contact with the real world.  Now if the Czarina will just stop scheduling things for the long weekend I may be able to pull this off.


An undisclosed Wilhelmsland border crossing.  4 dug in infantry platoons and 2 guns guard the Wilhelmsland side.  The building is the customs/immigration office.  


To everyone in the US have a great Thanksgiving!  Enjoy the time with friends and family.

So much lead, so little time.

Friday, November 4, 2022


I’m a gamer, not a model maker.


Wow, October is gone already, and without a single post – I suck.


That doesn’t mean that things haven’t been happening.  On the Eurica front,  all of the belligerents have been greedily accepting reinforcements sent from the various supporting super power.  Painting continues and with any luck a new offensive may kick off this month.


On the Outlandishain Chronicles front, I’m still trying to figure out a scenario (short of just faking the results) where the Earl can pull his lard out of the fire.  But with luck there should be some Renaissance action before the end of the month as well.

I guess 2 months ago now I played my first game of Stargrave and I found the game to be very enjoyable for a skirmish game.  It played fast, the outcome was clear, and the rules were  easy to pick up quickly.  


The other thing I’ve been working (slowly) on is more terrain. In anticipation of the Outlandishian Chronicles kicking off I’ve been busy building earthworks, that will also double nicely for Napoleonics.


A single battery emplacement, with flank cover.  
And what's up with the line on the background scenery?  Some sort of temporal rift?  Dimensional Portal?  I didn't notice it at the time.

And a ground eye view.

This one is a bit more ambitious and is only 1/2 completed.  So far I have one gun emplacement and one infantry section plus one of the end caps completed.  Terrain is a mood thing for me and I sort of ran out of the mood before I finished this.

Vulture's eye view

And ground eye view

And now, back to the title of the post for those of you that have been wondering what does any of this drivel have to do with the title?  I can do passable terrain, but models... nope.  As proven below.

The shuttle body was a block of styrofoam that came as packing with something I ordered. The size looked right, so I beveled the front.  The engine pods are old 'Marks-a-lot' felt tips markers with a coat of white paint.  

And finally, Project Z is still a ways off, but I'm trying to determine what figures I'll be using.  I found the below on Shapeway.  They're the Nightfury, (basically a starfury with a rear gunner.  I'm thinking of using them as a bomber. (bonus points if you recognize the TV show).  The 3D print is pretty good and has enough detail on it.  They're a bit brittle and I managed to snap one of the wings off when I was drilling the hole for the mounting wire, but it glued back on easily enough.

Scale wise, these are a little big, but let's be honest, a space fighter or bomber at true scale would be too small to see given the size of most of the warships.

For Project Z I plan on using the Full Thrust rules, which has fighter and bomber squadrons at 6 figures each.  Trying to fit 6 of these on a base was a bit of challenge.  I may need to either buy bigger bases or maybe only model 4 figures to a squadron.  Still debating that.  But then again, the 'swarm' vibe this gives is slowly growing on me.

That's it for now.

So much lead, so little time.

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Building Fences

 I've taken an interest in the Stargrave rules, for SciFi skirmish type games.  I guess it's sort of a return to 40K, but (hopefully) without the once a year rule changes.  This had me looking at my terrain, which is woefully lacking in the scatter type of terrain needed for skirmish games.  

My solution was to slap together some fencing.  The process is quick, easy, and inexpensive (all from materials I had laying around the house).  So, after grabbing some craft sticks, skinny sticks (like coffee stirrers but thicker), and some sheet rock mesh fiber tape I had left over from the renovations when we moved, and I started building fences.  

The process goes quickly, and using a hot glue gun avoids the need to wait for the glue to dry between steps.

So far I've only done with the 28mm sized fencing.  But I think you should be able to cut the tape down to accommodate 15mm and 6mm figures as well, although for 6mm toothpicks would probably work best for the fence post.

The materials are gathered.

The thin sticks have been cut to length to accommodate the width of the sheet rock tape.  6 pieces will form 3 fence post.

A close up of the fiber tape.  I really don't recall what the official name is, it's designed to add support for patching larger holes in drywall.  

The tape, cut to length to cover the craft stick from end to end

Glue one 'post' to each end and the middle of the tape.

Turn the tape over and glue post to the other side.

Spray paint black, I gave the fence a coat of silver paint.  The post will get a coat of oily steel. Then since I'm going for an old, somewhat unkept look, it will get random splotches of Burnt Red to (hopefully) simulate rust.  You can also tear the tape to give the look of a fence that's been broken into.

Hot glue it to the craft stick, and texture the base.

From a gaming distance I think they look passable.

Take care and enjoy what's left of the nice weather.  Snow starts in about a month and half, or sooner.

So much lead, so little time




Friday, September 9, 2022

Battle of the Gap – housekeeping

 The handful of surviving invading forces of Rubishland have retreated back to their side of the original border.  The one platoon of T-55’s that left the table made it into the Wilhelmsland fertile plains caused some panic, destroyed some crops, but was hunted down and destroyed by Helicopters before even coming in sight of the Wilhelmsland oil fields.

Clearly the next several months of game time will be spent re-equipping and training new troops for both sides.  I’ll have to figure out a way to determine how quickly the sponsor States of the two protagonists can ship them new equipment.  It should be fairly easy for the U.S. to send the old M-60 series tanks and M113’s from Europe to Eurica (after all it’s just down the coast of Africa from Europe) as the US upgrades to M-1’s and Bradley fighting vehicles (it is 1985 after all).  And the Soviet Union has more equipment than they know what to do with – unless they decide to shoot through the Fulda Gap and take Germany, so they can spare some for a Staunch Communist Ally.

President for Life Sanford will not allow this insult to the superiority of Rubishland military prowess to go, and he will be back.  He has a lot of Generals he can execute until he finds one that knows how to win.

So, on to the Butchers bill for the last action.


The attacking Rubishland forces lost the following in the Battle of the Gap:

·      12 T-72 platoons destroyed

·      10 T-55 platoons destroyed

·      8. BMP platoons destroyed

The rules have a mechanism to determining how many ‘destroyed’ units can be repaired and brought back, but since Rubishland fled the field, I’m ruling none of the above come back (at least not in Rubishland service – the reserve units of Wilhelmsland may be getting some T-72’s and T-55s).

The units that failed their quality check also have a chance to return, they weren’t destroyed just had significant mechanical damaged/failure, key personal were killed, etc.  Rubishland had the following forces fail their quality check in the battle:

·      9 T-72 Platoon’s – of which 3 were able to retreat back to Rubishland

·      7 T-55 Platoon’s of which 2 were able to retreat back to Rubishland

·      5 BMP Platoons of which 2 were able to retreat back to Rubishland

·      1 BRDM-2AT Platoon  which was able to retreat back to Rubishland

Wilhelmsland losses in the battle were:

·      5 M-60A3 Platoons of which 1 was able to return to service

·      5 Marder Platoons of which 1 was able to return to service

Wilhelmsland also had the following Platoons fail their quality check:

·      6  M-60A3 platoons of which 2 were able to return to service

·      2  M-60A1 platoons of which 1 was able to return to service

·      1 Marder platoon which was able to return to service

·      9 Platoons of dismounted Infantry of which 3 were able to return to service

The attacking Rubishland forces represented a little over 2/3’s of the total Rubishland uniformed forces so they will most likely behave for a while.  Wilhelmsland started with 4 Brigades, (2 each on the borders with Rubishland and Gardenstan) the 2nd Brigade which fought the two actions in ‘The One Day War’ as it is being called will be down approx. 50% for some time.

There may be a few news reports posted regarding the war and the world response… but even in 1985 it wasn’t wise to believe everything the news told you.

On the Outlandishian Chronicles front, look for a return to the Renaissance era in the next month or so.  The leaves are starting to turn and the overnight temps are in the high 40’s to low 50’s, and for some reason I equate gaming that era in the fall-winter time frame. 

Sorry about the lack of photos in this post, but I haven’t really been painting the past couple of months.

Until next time,

So much lead, so little time