Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Kids Today

Warning - Waaay off topic.

If you're close to my age, and especially if you grew up in the U.S. and in particular the rural Great Plains, this time of year always brought anticipation.  It was around now that the Sears and JC Penney Christmas Catalog, with pages and pages of wonderful toys to look at and dream about would arrive.

Well, both Sears and JC Penney are all but gone now.  And it's probably been close to 20 years or more since they sent out those massive 400+ page Christmas Catalogs.

But, there are still some companies that send out Christmas Catalogs.  I just recently received this years Cabela's catalog, and while I was  looking through it, I did thumb through the kids section.  And what caught my eye in the kids section?

A Spit Ball gun????  Fill a container with water, attach a roll of toilet paper, and shoot spitballs up to 30 feet.  

When I was a kid we had to make our spitballs the old fashioned way!  With real spit, and whatever paper we could find. If we were lucky we had a straw to shoot them through, if not, we had to throw them.  Kid's these days, they clearly don't know what it was like to rough it.  (does this mean I'm turning into one of those "get off my lawn you damn kids" old farts?)

I guess it's nice to know we can still devote resources to this type of stuff with everything going on in the world.

And for the Pictures or it didn't happen crowd, here's a shot of page 76 of the BassPro/Cabela's catalog.

It does look pretty cool.  Good job to whoever designed it.

Something for those of you with grandkids to consider. Especially if you enjoy winding them up and then giving them back to their parents.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


  1. Excellent looking toy, my granddaughter would have loved it when see was 10.


  2. The answer is yes. But you redeem yourself with the idea of using grandkids to get back at children. Welcome to the darkside.

  3. Always top grandchildren up with chocolate before returning to parents 😀.


  4. So true. I remember my parents were very good about the chocolate top off before returning my Son.