Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Gardenstan Front, Day 1, Morning – Housekeeping

 Before moving on to the Rubishland front, I wanted to capture the results of the initial morning assault by Gardenstan.  Some of these losses will be recovered, eventually, but not before the battle at Munnerstadt.


Gardenstan committed 2 BTR Motorized Rifle Regiments and 1 T-55 Tank Regiment to the assault.  A trailing T-72 tank Regiment has not yet been engaged.  They succeeded in securing their bridgehead and have blocking/recon forces stationed to the East and West of the crossing along the border road.  To the East, Gardenstan Recon units continue to advance attempting to link up with the Rubishland forces as the advance into Wilhelmsland.   

Gardenstan losses:


Destroyed Units

·      9 platoons of PT-76 tanks – destroyed

·      14 platoons of BTR-60’s – destroyed

·      6 platoons of T-55 tanks – destroyed


Failed Quality check units (temporarily disabled, routed, etc.)

·      1 platoon of PT-76 tanks

·      6 platoons of BTR-60’s

·      1 BRDM Recon platoon 

·      4 platoons of T-55 tanks


And 12 platoons of dismounted infantry destroyed/removed


Wilhelmsland defending forces which arrived piecemeal and ultimately had to concede the bridgehead had the following results:

Wilhelmsland losses:


Destroyed Units

·      1 platoon of M113’s

·      2 platoons of anti-aircraft M-3 ½ tracks

·      2 88mm anti-tank guns


Failed Quality check units (temporarily disabled, routed, etc.)

·      2 Sheridan Tanks

·      1 Sherman Tank

·      1 M113

·      1 M60A1 Tank


And 6 platoons of dismounted infantry and 1 dismounted 4.2” mortar and crew


If the Wilhelmsland command can get its act together it should be able to mount an impressive defense of Munnerstadt.  


Below is a highly redacted map showing the Eurica Region.  The approximate location of the Gardenstan invasion is marked by the red X, the approximate location of the Rubishland invasion is marked by the orange X.


I hope to have the table set up for the Rubishland Front initial battle by the end of the week and will play it out as time allows.

And I think I'm going back to the one true scale and era on the painting table, we'll see how that goes.


And finally, a belated Happy New Year to all.


I hope everyone fared well during the ‘Polar Vortex’, for once I actually had good timing and missed it.


“Not Maine” on the morning of the Czarina’s birthday.  One of 3 full rainbows we saw on this trip.

So much lead, so little time


  1. Not Maine looks the bomb! Three rainbows, the Czarina has the magic touch. Welcome back to the world of ice and snow, looking forward to more posts on the battles for Wilhemsland .

  2. It always feels good to return home, but the whole rain/sleet/fog thing can stop anytime now.